The following feedbacks were kindly provided by our clients:

I find Craig to be very professional and experienced in the aviation industry.

I meet Craig and Naomi through Virgin Blue Airlines. Naomi was my training captain on the Boeing 737. And I have flown on line with both Craig and Naomi numerous times. I find Craig and Naomi to be very professional and experienced in the aviation industry. They are involved in various committees and sub committees working to improve skills and conditions of pilots. I would recommend using Craig and Naomi for improving your career in aviation which is usually a long arduous journey and with their help you will definitely have the information to make the right decisions.

John Davison
First Officer Boeing 737

The professional delivery of your training skills was exceptional

I just wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your contribution during my recent training.

The professional delivery of your training skills was exceptional and extremely motivational. I benefited enormously from both your approach to the training environment and exceptional depth of knowledge together with an uncanny ability to impart that knowledge to your trainee.

Craig if I can recommend you or your training services in any way in the future, I would consider it my pleasure.

Once again thank you.

Simon Brownscombe

You would be doing yourself a massive favor by signing up.

My name is James Simper and I am currently employed as a First Officer for Aeropelican flying a BAE Jetstream-32 and about to start my command training. When Naomi and Craig approached me and asked if I would write a little about my journey through aviation I was more than happy to oblige.

I was 27 years old, employed as an automotive mechanic and hated my job. By chance I flew ( Ansett ) fromCanberrato the Gold Coast and fell in love with flying then and there. I knew that this was the career I had been looking for! Thankfully Naomi and Craig were there for me right from the start, and it is purely because of their undisputed help and direction that I have progressed this far in this industry.

I found aviation to be a massive learning curve and at times doubted my abilities. However due to Naomi and Craig’s high level of experience and professional approach they always managed to keep me motivated and believing for myself that it was achievable. I think at the time they had more faith in me than I did in myself. They were never too busy and always ready to help me and by listening to them and following their instructions I always progressed.

Flying is such a rewarding job, you are basically getting paid to do a hobby and I have Naomi and Craig to thank for this. I recommend them 100%, they are worth every cent and without their help I do believe I probably would have given up. I still contact them on a regular basis for advice. Trust me! You would be doing yourself a massive favour by signing up.

James Simper
First Officer for Aeropelican

Craig is one of the most respected training captains at Virgin Blue

I did my Boeing 737 command training with Craig in 2008, needless to say when I found out that I he was my training captain, I new my outcome was almost a given (depending only on myself).

I had flown with Craig in the simulator and online and new the level of expertise and professionalism that he exhibited and hoped it would rub off.

What really amazed me was the approach to learning, Craig didn’t nit pick and scrutinise every aspect of my operation, instead relied on the BIG lesson principle and allowed me to become comfortable in the new role quickly so that we could focus on what was really important; the things that can really make you come unstuck. This approach not only suited my learning style but also lets the student, with guidance from the instructor, be self critical and cements the lesson learned.

Craig was encouraging when needed and also firm when warranted, friendly but with the correct distance between student and instructor (just what you want, No BS). Craig also gave me critical lessons on the need to be able to change your “posture’ or ‘bearing’ towards others in a command setting when needed, in a deliberate manner. I use this constantly in my role as an airline captain.

Craig is one of the most respected training captains at Virgin Blue and anyone whom has the chance to be trained by him should jump at the chance and start listening to what he says, and doing what he does.

Michael Simpson, B737 Captain,Virgin Blue
B737 Captain, Virgin Blue

It was a pleasure to be trained by Craig

I am currently employed with virginblue airlines as a line captain. my upgrade training from first officer to captain was completed with training captain craig baker. the training I received from craig during this period was of the highest standard and was carried out with the utmost professionalism. From my own experience as a flying instructor in previous years, it was clear to me that not only did craig have a great ability to relate to his student but was also able to create a great learning enviroment, which of course is extremely important.

It was a pleasure to be trained by craig during this very busy and important time and certaintly from my experience he comes with the highest of recommendations.

Captain Mike Bayne
Virginia Blue

Thank you both so very much.

Thank you both so very much. Words wont come close to explaining how privileged we are to have such support and belief. Feeling very positive about my chances. With the end goal in mind I see this as a stable step on the staircase that you are both helping to build.

I will keep you both updated with how things progress.

Rob Palmer
FNQ, Student Pilot

After my training Craig has always kept in contact with me

I took the long road to becoming an airline pilot and even though I knew the pit falls,dealing with the challenges,loosing jobs,various personalitiesetc,I was always wondering weather I was ever going to really make it.

After much flying through the regionals and learning how to become a good operator l through the various captains I flew with I soon myself in the position of a training captain with Kendell airlines.This brings you up another level but still not to the level of a captain on a jet aircraft. So after I finally made the position of a first officer in my first jet job I was hoping that I would get the right training Captain who would push me that bit further.

I got that and more with Naomi Radke who I feel was a wonderful training captain with the right personality to fit with the various people she would be training.Very astute, attention to detail,knowing when to push the student that bit further but also knowing when to hold back when the mind was in overload.

It’s a tough job trying to get 180 passengers for an hour’s flight to Sydney on time in marginal weather with a training F/O who is at best operating at 40% but I never once felt that Naomi did not think I had the situation under control which gave me great confidence in my ability. After my training Naomi has always kept in contact with me and she is a person I can always ring when I need advise on my flying.I can thoroughly recommend her training qualities to anyone.

Stafford Nicholas
First Officer, Virginia Blue

Respected in the industry of knowledge

I met Naomi Radke when I started my line training as a B737 First Officer with Virgin Blue.
From the start, I found Naomi to be extremely approachable with no question being too minor to ask. Naomi’s extensive aviation background from General Aviation to Major Airline operations enables her to relate to most situations from a practical viewpoint. Naomi sets very high standards and creates an environment whereby those around her are encouraged, and achieve, high standards themselves.

Naomi is very respected in the industry for her knowledge, professionalism and attitude, and it is always a pleasure to work with her.

Virginia Blue

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