I took the long road to becoming an airline pilot and even though I knew the pit falls,dealing with the challenges,loosing jobs,various personalitiesetc,I was always wondering weather I was ever going to really make it.

After much flying through the regionals and learning how to become a good operator l through the various captains I flew with I soon myself in the position of a training captain with Kendell airlines.This brings you up another level but still not to the level of a captain on a jet aircraft. So after I finally made the position of a first officer in my first jet job I was hoping that I would get the right training Captain who would push me that bit further.

I got that and more with Naomi Radke who I feel was a wonderful training captain with the right personality to fit with the various people she would be training.Very astute, attention to detail,knowing when to push the student that bit further but also knowing when to hold back when the mind was in overload.

It’s a tough job trying to get 180 passengers for an hour’s flight to Sydney on time in marginal weather with a training F/O who is at best operating at 40% but I never once felt that Naomi did not think I had the situation under control which gave me great confidence in my ability. After my training Naomi has always kept in contact with me and she is a person I can always ring when I need advise on my flying.I can thoroughly recommend her training qualities to anyone.