is this a good resume for being a fighter pilot in the USAF?

Right now I am a senior in high school. My freshmen and sophomore I went to public high school. The district I was in was the lowest district in testing in the whole state of Washington. My dad pulled me out (because I had teachers who called in sick 2 days a week and we never learned anything) and my junior year I went to Catholic school. It was great, teachers helped me, I stayed an hour after school and came 30 min early every morning to get help, and then my dad couldnt make the payments so I am now finishing up my senior year at another public high school. So my goal in life is to be a United States Fighter Pilot. Since my GPA is too low to go to Air Force ROTC next year due to the lack of teacher help freshmen, sophomore year, I am going to community college for one year to get a high GPA. And then I will transfer to Washington State University for Air Force ROTC and major in Bachelor of Arts Computer Tech.

So my resume is:
-my GPA is 3.2 (chemistry, biology, trigonometry, pre-calculas, honors integrated science etc., dropped calculas this year because the teacher refused to help me after school like my catholic college prep school did so I said hell with him, this is back in the crappy public school)

-brown belt in Traditional Tae Kwon Do (for ten years, took 2 separate years off because parents divorce and to focus on studies)

-did Panther Pals, sophomore year (elementary mentoring program through my high school where you have a kid to befriend and help our community

-DECA, sophomore year (business club)

-I work at my dad’s restaurant as head cook, 6 months now, planning on working until I go to WSU

do you think I have a chance of being a fighter pilot? and doing my major? I WILL do ANYTHING it takes, but I want to know if my resume is good enough. Thanks for answering!