People accomplished in the field of business???? Please help!!!?

The task that I have been set by my teacher requires me to find out what technology is needed to run a successful business. The business is an airline company called “MillionAir”.


The company’s logo is very outdated and looks old fashion. There is no identity for the company which often results in not being widely recognised by the general public. A new updated logo is needed for ‘MillionAir’.

The only information on previous and existing customers is a paper based system of filing cabinets with name and addresses of customers who have used the company to fly to certain locations around the world. Some of the old customer records are kept in a paper diary or even scribbled down on loose paper which is then placed on to a notice board. This is left for all to see resulting in lack of customer confidentiality.

The only advertising material the hotel has is an A5 booklet printed on white paper folded in half to create a booklet. It is badly photocopied and when it is sent out to the customers, often it can’t be read properly.

“MillionAir” has been operating for 5 years. The company has 2 owners, 2 receptionists, 4 pilots, and the airline owns 2 jet planes. There is also an air crew which has 2 stewards and 2 stewardesses. A cleaning and an airport crew including lost baggage, tower person, mentoring flights, customer services, which in total are 4 people. The total numbers of people that work for this airline are 16 people.


I have got these so far:
*Ink cartridges
*Fax machine
*Sufficient computer hardware.
*Specialized software to help run a business properly.
*An IT technician to ensure that all is in working order.

Please could somebody add to my list, as I am need of the help of successful business men or business women.

If you could also outline/estimate the general costs of these things it would be brilliant, since I am no expert with technology.

Thank you so much!!! Your help is genuinely appreciated.