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Aviation Academy provides best pilot training

Aviation Academy provides best pilot training

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Aviation Academy provides best pilot training

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Posted: Jan 31, 2011 |Comments: 0


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As such, there are many available aviation academics in India such as Canada Aviation Academy and many are being created. The Canada Aviation Academy provides pilot training . Cessna 172 and is among the top aviation academies. During the time of training in the academy, every student is provided with a Pilot License referred to as Student Pilot License. After the completion of the training period , a student gets an option to either become a private pilot or he may out to become a commercial pilot. In order to pursue as a private pilot, a student has to get a Private Pilot License and in order to pursue as a commercial plane pilot , it is necessary to have a Commercial Pilot License. Initially, the pilot training is usually being carried out in special training aircraft that are specifically designed and have much lower costs as compared to those aircrafts for which the main pilot concern is ultimately to fly. The Aviation academies provides training to an individual for the skills that are required for flying an aircraft. It basically teaches the flying process through the air to a pilot along with proper direction as well as control. Moreover, a student is also taught to have understanding of the weather forecasts.

Private Pilot License:

Training for private pivot license generally includes around sixty hours of flying out of which almost about fifteen hours are composed of dual flights, along with the flight instructor and minimum 30 hours of solo flights along with the five hours of cross-country flying. With this,one becomes eligible for the exam of Private Pilot License . The minimum age required for appearing in the exam is 17 years and the educational qualification required of 10+2 with a Certificate of Medical Fitness being issued by the Armed Forces Central Medical Establishment (AFCME). The Private Pilot Certificate permits a pilot to fly aircraft with single-engine that would take off and ,land on, the ground. Moreover, an individual gets privileges as far as the lower certifications are concerned such as the student pilot certificate, or recreational pilot certificate.


The primary requirements for obtaining a Private Pilot License are provided below:

An individual must be minimum 17 years of age.

An individual must have reading , writing as well as speaking abilities and must understand English

An individual must pass an FAA Medical Exam.

Pass in Written Knowledge FAA Test with minimum score of 70 .

Must have minimum 40 Hours of logged flight time along with aviation training.

Pass in Check Ride or an Oral Exam of FAA.

Moreover, it should be taken care that for earning a Private Pilot Certificate, one should start with a Student Pilot Certificate. All its requirements are mentioned below as stated in CFR 61.83 :

An individual must be minimum 16 years of age

He must possess proper reading , writing as well as speaking abilities and be able to understand English.

An individual must clear the FAA Medical Exam.

An individual must pass a knowledge test before he can perform solo.

Commercial Pilot License:

In order to attain a Commercial Pilot License, it is necessary to attain a Private Pilot Licence. Moreover for attaining a Commercial Pilots License, it is necessary to have 250 hours of flying . Apart from this, an individual has to undergo a Medical Fitness Test as well as an examination. There are mainly two types of in order to attain a CPL. One is called the integrated route and the other one as the modular route If an individual is ready for Commercial Private Licence, then the best place is South Africa. The Licence can be acquired by you in the duration of about one year or so if you need it . Moreover, its cost will also be dependent on your choice along with the location. Also,if an individual wants to fly for the Airlines, then he has to go on to the top most level which is the level of ATP, that is Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

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Ambergroupindia have


By |February 2nd, 2011|Categories: Our Aviation Secrets|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Aviation Academy provides best pilot training


  • Effects of Controls, Straight and Level, Climbing, Descending, Medium Turns, Slow Flyinf, Stalling, Spinning, Take-off & Climb, Circuits, Approach & Landind, Advanced Turning, Operations at Minimum Level, Forced Landings, Basic Instrument Flying.

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Multimedia Ground And Flight Training, The Perfect Preparation for each Flight Lesson, Get the Most out of your flight Time, Your Personal Instructor on CD Rom… More >>


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AUSTRAL ACADEMY is dedicated towards molding the aviators of tomorrow. The academy recognizes that in order for budding pilots to take flight, he/she must first learn to spread their wings. Only through the most comprehensive flight instruction, training and internationally recognized certification can students realize their dream as professional aviators. If your dream is to command the skies as a commercial pilot, or to simply glide your aircraft on a leisurely basis, enrolling with AUSTRAL ACADEMY is that important first step needed to transform you into the most prolific of aviators.

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