He said there are no age waivers right now for OCS, which is required to be a pilot. He said I could enlist and start at E3 pay grade and try and work my way up(I have my bachelor’s and will soon have my master’s degree in aeronautical science…I have a private pilot’s license for gliders, single engine airplanes, and helicopters). If my chances of becoming a pilot are pretty good, I wouldn’t mind working up from the bottom, but by the time I put in my 4 years, I will be 1 year too old for the aviation program. The other suggestion was to be a reserve officer and try to integrate into active duty, but what are my chances of being able to fly? I am very passionate about aviation, I am a conscious pilot and am very motivated. I’ll do whatever it takes if there is a way. I would be honored to fly for the Coast Guard and I have had enough life experience to know that there is not another job in the world I would rather have. Thanks for your input.