What is so different about this Pilot Mentoring Program?

From all our research, this program is a world first where we are contactable and reachable. We are there for you to assist and guide you in a positive direction to achieve your ultimate goal of becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot.

Is the payment system secure?

Absolutely, we have a secure payment system in place with Clickbank. There is also an option from within Clickbank where you can pay directly via Pay Pal.

This provides buyer protections, dispute resolutions, unauthorised transactions on your accounts and most importantly, Privacy protection.

Refer to the Clickbank site for details regarding security at http://www.clickbank.com/shopping_faq.html

Why do you feel pilot mentoring is so important?

We can confidently say that we are both in our positions today because of the positive influence and direction our individual mentors provided us during our flying training and early days of General Aviation (G.A) employment. This provided us with a sound work ethic and reputation, which obviously has proved successful.

Is there a refund if I don’t like the program?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, – no questions asked.

We are confident that once you have read and viewed the content of our packs, you will be thoroughly satisfied a look forward to the 6 monthly updates of all our products.

Can I extend the Pilot Mentoring program?

This program has been designed to see you launch your flight training. You will find as you progress through your PPL or CPL training, you will benefit from either the Silver or Gold Wings Pack Pilot Mentoring. {The Gold Wings Pack includes the Silver Wings pack}

Our mentoring program in the Gold Wings pack covers 12 months.  If you have trouble leaving us(!) we can extend as required and will advise at the end of the 12 months your options.

We have found that we are generally needed at the times when you progress to the next stage and want advice and encouragement on tap.

How can I contact you?

Because we are still flying Boeing 737’s we work to a monthly roster as most pilots do. Therefore we have found the most efficient way to get a quick response is electronically.

We have a dedicated email contact form on this site. We will endeavor to respond to your questions, or get in contact with you within 24 hours. Depending on our geographical location at the time, this may sometimes be a little longer.

We also have the option for telephone/Skype contact for members of the 1:1 mentoring.

Who have provided the testimonies in your website?

All the pilots who have provided testimonies are “real” pilots.

Craig’s trainees on the Boeing 737 have provided a majority of the more recent testimonies. They may be intake First Officers, Captain Upgrades, and even mentoring trainees.

We occasionally get the opportunity to interview past graduates or have them as guest speakers at our monthly webinars.

Is Craig a real people?

Yes he is. But why trust us with giving you the answer. Do a Google search to find out for yourself! You will find we feature in the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) Pilot Careers booklet.

What qualifies you to offer a Pilot Mentoring service?

We both grew up in Airline families. We have lived and breathed airplanes for many years. We both started flying when we were 16 years of age. We have been Flight Instructors and Training Captains.

With more than 42 years combined experience in aviation (that is just us – add another 100 years combined if we include our fathers!) we feel we can provide a truthful, unbiased service to see you achieve your ambitions.

This program has been born from the success of the mentoring program developed at www.HowToBeACommercialPilot.com

Do you have any success stories?

Yes we have many, I think this is verified by the many testimonies we have provided through out the website. These are real life cases of people we have had contact with through different facets of aviation and helped them to succeed.

Check out this video from one of our recent graduates; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCkeF_fhjCc

Also see what one of our current members have to say about the program; http://youtu.be/FgW1M-NBgrQ

Can I upgrade from Silver Wings to Gold Wings pack?

Yes you can!  If you purchase the Silver wings pack, you have access to our “Action Takers Upgrade Bonus”….allowing you, at any time in the future, to upgrade to Gold Wings and pay just an extra $2,497, OR 6 payments of $429.00.

Otherwise, is you are part of the OurAviationSecrets Pilot Member Program, email us at info@ouraviationsecrets.com to establish how to upgrade. It is very easy!

Why are we offering this service?

Because we have had the benefit of having mentors throughout our flying careers, we realise how important it is to remain focussed throughout your studies and flight training. Also, being involved with training we see first hand the new pilot recruits and the obstacles, hurdles and problems they face during induction and training.  We just love seeing others make it too.

Could I do all this myself without Pilot Mentoring?

Yes you could, however you will find this will certainly take you longer and cost more if you make the wrong choices and risk not making it. By having “insider contacts” in this relatively close knit community, you will get access to information which will take you an inordinate amount of time to research on the internet – or worse still may not discover it at all!!

The choice is yours.

Why do you expect there will be such a shortage of pilots in coming years?

We have not made up these statistics; the information is readily available on the Internet.

Boeing produced a document in 2008 titled “Current Market Outlook”. Bombardier -BCA 2009 Market Outlook, Airbus – Global Market Forecast 2009-2028. Forecast traffic increase, new aircraft deliveries, replacement aircraft into existing fleets and retirements will all meant there is a future requirement for pilots to fill the positions created.

Check out some of the many articles posted at our blog http://www.captaincraig.me

Why are there 2 websites?

Craig Baker own and operate both websites, being, www.HowToBeACommercialPilot.com and www.OurAviationSecrets.com

HowToBeACommercialPilot is our high level mentoring program to help propel pilots reach their aviation goals – whatever they may be. This is where you have direct access with Craig, 1:1 mentoring and all the great information and content of the program {CPL Career Booster Program}

I listened to our members and developed OurAviationSecrets as a stand alone complimentary program. It features highlights of the successful Silver Wings Pack and has been designed for people who are wanting to start flying but not too sure where, what, who and how to get there!. All the steps are laid out in easy to read weekly eClasses which are delivered to you by email.

It is extremely important that you provide accurate current email contact so these emails can be delivered each week.

Craig Baker

Professional Pilot Mentoring Services