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Your Aviation Year in Review…

This Is The Last Eclass But Not The End!…


Here we go…

PART 1 : Your Aviation Year in Review.

To really understand this last year that you have spent with me I want to let you behind the scenes and the how and why that I created this program.

Although I do the same job, you may have gathered from your contact with me that I have very different personalities and skill sets.


Craig finds his happy place in the technical side.  He is a master of making a complicated technical problem into a simple and easy to use solution.  
Craig create and write the eclasses and the webinars and Craig makes it possible for you to access it.

I embarked on a mission to create an online business.  I always wanted a business that I could run from anywhere and still keep flying.


With some support from some online gurus (who are now friends) to my surprise I discovered that my knowledge of the aviation industry would be valuable to someone else that didn’t have it.

My program evolved after some soul searching to review what I would have wanted to make my own aviation dream easier.


It became obvious that by providing EClasses weekly I could support you through your journey step by step.  From my previous mentoring I found that by talking about the ‘purple elephant in the room’ in raising challenges, dealing with crossroads and being honest my support was invaluable.


Providing this to more than one at a time was why I offered monthly webinars.  From feedback they have turned out to be like an old reliable friend to my members.



The need for individual support arose and I solved that by offering the Pilot Advice Online Help Desk so that right when you have an issue, you have somewhere to go for unbiased support.

Everybody loves instant gratification when it comes to having a problem solved!

Career Booster Sessions…

After further feedback I decided to offer one on one support with the Career Booster Sessions.
Like you, I was embarking on something new so I was out of my comfort zone which turned out to be personal development in disguise!  To put myself out there and declare to the world that I was a pilot mentor meant that I had to stand up to my colleagues and be ok with that.  I don’t think that I am necessarily better than them, just that I had the guts to see the massive disconnect between airline pilots with the knowledge and the future pilots that needed the knowledge.
There were many of my colleagues that disagreed with us charging for this service but these were the same people that were also not giving back to the industry.  To be honest it was difficult for me to charge but I discovered that it is about self value.  It proves that I know what I am providing you IS VALUABLE and by knowing you have invested in me guarantees our 110% effort.

I discovered that writing the EClasses became a way of reviewing my life and career.

I tapped into how I felt at each stage that I progressed through.  I know that each one of you will have identified with some part of each Eclass in whatever you needed to take from them – straight away or for future reference.

So that’s how Our Aviation Secrets (OAS) and How To Be A Commercial Pilot (HTBCP) came to be.  A useless bit of information perhaps but it is our way to letting you know that you are in the right place, hanging out with the right people. (hey it’s my eclass I’m allowed to digress!)

These 2 websites had different goals.  HTBCP was first and began as one on one support but later I decided that I would have better effect if I provided support to many.  Once I saw the effect and outcome on my members for myself, I knew that it wasn’t fair to only be available to a few.  OAS was then developed to reach more people at once.

It took believing in myself first before I could really expect our new pilots to believe in me in the content that I have created.  Just like you have to do.

Your Year…

Have a look at the calendar at end of this class.  I have just looked back through and what is clear to me is that every topic has taken you on a journey of preparation and resilience.  Not only for right now but for the future.  I felt the need to give back what I learned about staying safe.
Every topic is either something I learned from or had happen to me.  It’s not from any aviation text book.  It is unique, honest and practical stuff that you can use.
This has been my personal development that you have experienced too.  By working through this program and hanging out with people that you want to end up like – it is rubbing off.

How well and how much it rubs off is up to YOU… 

I have provided a solid foundation and the ball is in your court now to apply it and take it into your careers.

It’s often suggested to me that I am too honest.  Well too bad I’m about to be honest again!


Could you have succeeded without me?

Well, yes.  I don’t profess to be the aviation gods.  Many of you may have made it without me.  However what I know is some people give up, some lose momentum, some just stop and some become just ‘good’.

I KNOW now that I can make you better. 

In attitude, judgement and outcome.  That is what keeps me going – it is my purpose and goal.

I am pretty happy that I am giving back and that you were smart enough to decide to let me support you.  The greatest of all your decisions that you will be making in your aviation careen was to take action and join.

If you have noticed it or not – you are unique.  You are probably standing out at your flying school or in your aviation network.


I am not saying that you should be arrogant about this, just mindful and grateful.

Use your knowledge for good not evil!  Don’t make others feel less than you just let some of what you have taken from me rub off on others.  It’s called ‘Playing it Forward’.  You cannot ‘unlearn’ what you know.  You can just develop it more and share it.

I consider you now part of the new age of pilots. 

Pilots that have a foundation based on the fact that your best performance is based on what is going on between your ears that counts.  The seed has been planted for you by being part of this program but it is from here that you need to continually nurture and feed the need to become a better version of you.

I am always learning.  There is an old aviation saying which goes like this…


What I know now is that it’s not just learning about the aircraft, safety or the industry in general.  The most learning you can get is about yourself and how you can continually improve in your personal skills and the relationship with the aircraft, people and all situations that you are always going to be confronted with.

Never stop learning about you.

That is the key to surprising yourself with your ability to perform beyond yourself.


PART 2: Why You Are Better Prepared.

All pilots have individual fears and challenges to either overcome or just learn how to manage.  Even at airline level I see pilots that haven’t had a good foundation which results in personal demons never being dealt with.  Many of which can be hidden right up to the time where they go through upgrade training to being a captain in a multi crew environment.

Sometimes these demons are not paralysing but they are still preventing them from reaching their full potential.

I do not know each of your demons – however you do.  You eventually have to deal with them by choice or not.  If you choose to avoid looking at your weak points then you will be tested at some point anyway.  The good news is that by equipping yourself with the knowledge you have gained in this program and the relationship you have with me you have somewhere to turn.

I don’t judge anyone I just help you work through to help make you better.

You have many tools now to work on you.

At some point you need to feel that you know enough and the best compliment a mentor can get is when their work is complete and you leave the nest.

You will know when you don’t need me.

And you can always come back – you have our blessing.

PART 3: What to do From Here?

This is the last of the Eclass series so from here you will change slightly how you use the program.

It is designed now for you to continue making time for the webinars but my suggestion is to shift to using the Pilot Advice Online Help Service more often.

You now need to tailor the information to your individual needs and you can do this by emailing us with your career progression queries.

I allow more time available for you to use this service now that you have finished the Eclass series.  This ensures you continue to get great value from me.


I have personally really enjoyed writing these EClasses and have got as much out of writing them as you hopefully had reading them.  I have continued to learn!

I feel very honoured that I have been able to support you and will tirelessly continue providing whatever you need from me for as long as you want me.

Thanks for your support!


PART 4: Advice for You.

  1. Turn up to the webinars.  Ask lots of questions.
  2. Use the Pilot Advice Online Help Service often.
  3. At any time you find that you would like one on one time to speak with me then you can access us by clicking on the button below.



1:1 Mentoring Options



Congratulations on completing this Eclass series! 

If you need to use our Pilot Advice Service or have any questions or comments please send them to info@ouraviationsecrets.com


Don’t miss out on a opportunity by procrastinating.

Look forward to speaking with you at the Webinar.

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