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Video Interview Series

Pilot Interview Techniques with First Officer Glen Solly

(author of “The Pilot Guides”…)


Here we go…

PART 1: Pilot Interview Techniques

In this movie Craig work with First Officer Glen Solly to give you an insight  of some good and bad things to do at your interview.

N.B. Password to gain access is = aviation

Glen is an airline pilot and had extensive experience in pilot recruitment.

I recommend that you read his book which you can purchase online through the link below.


I apologize for the acting in advance!

Keep in mind that I am pilot not actors but overcame my own embarrassment to bring you this unprecedented look at some techniques.

By watching this movie you are preventing your first look at an interview being your real one.



PART 2 : Questions for You.

  1. After watching some bad acting, are there any areas that you need to work on as you approach your next interview?
  2. How important is it to be yourself?
  3. What are your stories that demonstrate your professionalism, team work and problem solving ability? (If you are still new then just be on the lookout for them as you progress as this will help you later)
  4. Write down all the things that concern you about interviews and please raise them at the Webinar.


Next week’s preview… ’Handling Pressure Booster…’

Find out how doing anything that you can even before you start will be of immense value to your career.

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