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Your Job Search Booster…

Here we go…

PART 1: Your job search booster.

Whether you’ve finished your CPL or still training, you should be looking for work!!


You need to set yourself up like a ‘job magnet’.

magnet   JOB

This eClass should be used to ensure you have a single point of focus and are clear on the steps you should be taking. 

Your journey will still be challenging and not always run smoothly but either has most airline pilots I know including us!

I  had a number of knockbacks before I got a start so you could say that I get what you’re going through.  The advantage you have is having someone on your side cheering you on and guiding you through the ugly bits!

Like in the aeroplane, when you feel pressure creeping in or things aren’t going well – go back to the basics and start again.

So let’s do that…I’ll call it Job Hunting 101!

Step 1…Map out your Job Strategy and Goals for your aviation career…


  • Be Clear on your end game
  • Plan to Build Experience
  • Look at Companies with a chance to progress
  • Are you prepared to go anywhere?
  • Know the Minimum Requirements (insert word doc)
  • Plan the ideal progression so you can work towards it

Step 2… Avoid the Pack…



  • Don’t Panic keep you head clear
  • Work to your goal – everyone has a different situation
  • Local Knowledge – Get your own
  • Rumour network can grow from one person’s opinion so keep an ear to the ground but find out for yourself
  • Loose lips sink ships – don’t gloat until you are have your first payslip
  • Due diligence considerations

Step 3…Do some in house Due Diligence…



  • Look at your Family commitments – could they live where you want to go or can you handle living away temporarily?
  • Is there opportunity for other  work for you or your partner
  • Time of year – dry season/wet season
  • If you can tick most of these boxes then get going
  • Do Something!
  • Don’t just wait and hope you trip over it


PART 2: The importance of updating.

You or your resume may not get noticed straight away.  Sometimes business ventures don’t get off the ground when they are first launched.  In fact it can take up to 3 or 4 attempts before things work.  Remember this and overcome by updating.

 Step 4 Treat your job hunt like a business venture…

  • Be strategic and methodical
  • Try to look at it from the employers position
  • Be a presence regularly but not annoying – it may take more than once to get yourself known
  • Face to Face, Phone, Resume




OAS Career Management Spreadsheet.



PART 3: Giving you the advantage.

As I have discussed before, you need to treat yourself like a brand.  You need to get known (for the right reasons) and get yourself out there on the market.  Get out of your comfort zone.

Now I was never the most outgoing person and found getting out of my comfort zone a little daunting at first so if you are feeling the same even a small amount then I get it too. (Or is it only me!)

Treat your comfort zone like a muscle – if you exercise it you will improve its performance.  The thought of something is always worse than the actual. 

Keep stepping out and talk to the people or pilots that you want to model yourself on.

Step 5… Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone…



  • Drive to an airport and walk into an aviation company and have a go at asking to talk to the Chief Pilot OR
  • Ring a charter company and ask to speak to the Chief Pilot
  • Tell them your Story and ask them theirs
  • Ask them how to get a job with them
  • What is the worst thing that can happen?

Remember this?  You can do this too.  Just have a go and send us your photos with your achievements!

Put yourself in a Chief Pilot’s shoes…


  • They prefer to see you in person to see what you’re like
  • They need to know if you can handle living where the job is
  • They want to know how long you will commit
  • They want you to look and act professional and that you will be a good representative of their company (Be neatly presented, friendly and honest.  It’s ok to be nervous – they started out once)
  • Chief Pilot’s Motto – “It doesn’t matter what aeroplane you fly as long as you fly it well”


Remember from previous eClasses the importance of a good reputation.

The 2 freebies that a good reputation gives are…

1. It can open doors

2. You can get the benefit of the doubt – you never know when you’ll need it


PART 4: Preventing the emu scenario.

Every situation has 2 sides.  A positive outcome or a negative outcome.

You get to choose how you perceive it.  Avoiding it like a threatened emu will only lead to a negative outcome so take control and learn from any job hunting stalls.

Step 6…Overcome the Hurdles…


  • What can you do?
  • Hey think about your flying skills
  • You don’t get to give up the aeroplane
  • You are methodical and need to think clearly
  • Never think that people like us didn’t hit a hard patch
  • Use the Pilot Advice Service (info@ouraviationsecret.com)

Step 7…Get the job…


Be prepared for when you do succeed in getting the job.  It can be easy to get carried away in the excitement of the moment and forget your basics.  You are there for a purpose to get the job done.  Here are a couple of other things to remember to stay focussed.

  • Have a good work ethic – Be Professional
  • Strive to be the best that you can be
  • Don’t compromise safety
  • Always break it down to the core of the conflict or issue – evaluate the risk
  • Consider your employers situation however remember that it will cost them more if they have an accident or incident


PART 5: Questions for You.

  1. Write down your goal again.  Are you on track or is there a step above that you need to repeat?
  2. What will be the next thing you will do to get out of your job hunting comfort zone?  
  3. What is the Chief Pilot’s motto?
  4. What 2 advantages does a good reputation give you?
  5. Send us a photo of you job hunting (and job getting!)

Next week’s preview…’So you made a mistake…Or failed a test…Do this next…’

Find out how doing anything that you can even before you start will be of immense value to your career.

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