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Audio Interview Series Part 4…


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PART 1:  Craig Baker conduct an interview with Captain Neville Baker (ret)

Craig conducted this interview to give you an insight into how aviation has progressed over the decades, the challenges young aviators faced, along with career advancement and highlights.

Neville started out flying at Royal Vitorian Aero Club in the late 50’s whilst he was an apprentice fitter and turner.He could not begin to his flight training any earlier because his parents would not allow it!

He won a scholarship which got his instructor rating and he landed his first job with RVAC as a junior flight instructor in Tiger Moths and Chipmunks.

From there, he joined Ansett ANA where he trained for an instrument rating on DC3s, and then transitioned onto the DC6B.

His careers at Ansett saw him fly numerous turbo prop and jet aircraft, and held Training and Check Captain and flight management positions. After 1989, Neville did a brief stint with an operator who was to operate an Electra L188 to the Solomons which did not evenutaute. A couple of years later he established the Solomons operation for fresh freight export using B727-200 freighter.

He retired from commercial flying in 2008, and would say at the time was eldest Australian ATPL holder still flying commercially!

We hope you enjoy this enlightening audio interview.

Audio Interview Series – Part 4

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