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Recovering From a ‘Stall’ in Your Career…


Here we go…

PART 1: Experiencing a ‘stall’ in your career.


By now most of you will have practised an aerodynamic stall in an aeroplane.

Let me ask you – did you recover from it?  Under the expert guidance of your instructor you obviously did.

You will experience a stall in your career in some way BUT with the right expert guidance YOU WILL RECOVER.  I want this eClass to prepare you and therefore allow you to recover and move on.

I know this because not only have we both lived it but have seen most other pilots also.

So what does a career stall look like?

Here’s some of the hiccups that we had…

  • A downturn in the industry at completion of CPL
  • Sacked for saying no
  • Company shut down after fatal accident
  • Involved in the pilot dispute
  • Turned down by a regional airline
  • Airline Collapsed


It may also look like…

  • Running out of funds
  • Loss of motivation
  • Unsure of what to do next
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Failing a test or exam
  • Lack of support from loved one


When you are exposed to a situation whether you get a good outcome or not, you are learning a new skill.  Once you have learned it, you cannot ‘unlearn’ it.

Isn’t that great!

For example, when you walked under the wing of your aircraft and hit your head on the flap during a walk around.  Pain can be a good teacher!  Next time you did a walk around, I bet you automatically ducked! 

If you can take someone else’s pain from their career stall, you are developing a new skill.  It’s not necessarily going to prevent it but it can only assist in the recovery.

So what does a stall feel like?

When you experience a stall or a difficult patch their are many emotions to deal with.  It feels rotten.  Your mind will play games.

Anger – that you have spent all this money

Jealousy – that your peers are getting ahead

Worry – what if it’s forever?

Doubt – maybe it’s me

Uncertainty – should I have done this or that?

Lack of control – why doesn’t it just go right?

Urgency – start losing clarity of thoughts (tunnel vision)

Your mind is a powerful organ and can process all of these at once!  So you need to have a powerful solution disguised as a new skill to counteract this.  In part 2 of this eClass I look at programming. 

So why do a stalls happen?

I could all sit around and sulk and whinge and say things like –

“It’s not fair…”

“If only…”

“They had it easy…”

“Maybe I’m not good enough…”

“I’ll just stop for now…”



Ok, enough already!

What I discovered is that reaching a stall in your career is just part of the process.  It’s a test if you like.  A test of your ability to gather the facts of what’s happening, analyse, evaluate AND THEN FIND A SOLUTION.

NEWS FLASH!         



It is what it is.  It’s no-one’s fault but your mind is the key to ‘getting over it’.

If you can program your new skill to solve, rather than dwell, then you will get the outcome that you desire.

PART 2: Programming your mindset.

“The truth is that nobody gets to where they want to go without failing at something” – Julie Spain

“Ninety percent of our success comes from our subconscious mind” – Julie Spain

Julie Spain has over 30 years experience in psychology and social work and stress management in high stress occupations.  She is widely known for her work with the Queensland Fire Service.

I interviewed Julie and we created our ‘Pilot Success Mindset Toolbox’ DVD.

In this Julie says that you can program your mindset by challenging those beliefs that are hindering you.

So let’s do that.  I will replace the beliefs from part 1…



“It’s not fair…”

“It is fair…”

“If only…”

“I’m glad that I…”

“They had it easy…”

“I am inspired by what they have achieved…”

“Maybe I’m not good enough…”

“It’s challenging now but I know it’s possible…”

“I’ll just stop for now…”

“I’ll just keep taking one step at a time…”












Successful pilots are challenging their beliefs every day.  They have subconsciously developed this skill over time.  If you are willing to challenge yourself throughout your training and early stages of your career progression, you can increase your chance of the best outcome.

What you are doing is becoming more resilient.  Resilience is the ability to be responsive rather than reactive to a situation.  Julie says that you can become more resilient. 

Here are a few tools to help you become more resilient…

  • A sense of humour is an asset
  • Understand that failure is a learning tool
  • Self Analyse in the big picture arena
  • Invest in your mental fitness
  • Always strive to develop toughness and hardiness

Have you ever wondered why experienced pilots just seem to create the environment for the best outcome?

Initially you find that you take information as you learn but at some point you need to make yourself believe enough to create your own best outcome.

Julie has worked with the Queensland Fire Service and specialises in Resilience Training.  We have really gained clarity after conducting this interview with Julie.

I have been asked about purchasing a copy of this DVD.  Send us an email for more info.

In the DVD Julie explains about an airforce study which revealed that a purely risk taking pilot can end up costing a fortune in damaged or lost aircraft.  The study found that a cautious and thoughtful approach to risk management creates the best outcome.

The great thing is that it’s never too late to become resilient and unlocks your unlimited potential.

PART 3: Keeping Perspective.

You are reaching your dream to fly.  Simple.


In ten years time a stall in your career will be just a blip – if you are prepared for it.  It is all part of your skill development, which is what getting experience is all about.

My Real Career Stall Example (Craig):

The pilot’s dispute was an unforeseen circumstance that affected Craig directly.  The plan was that he was assured a major airline slot once he got some experience in a regional subsidiary.  The integration agreement was cancelled and Craig’s prospects for airlines were now a long way off if at all.  He felt p***ed off, rejected and uncertain.  He took a breath.  He decided to adjust the plan to make himself ‘employable’ some other way. He looked to his mentor and others that he respected for guidance and motivation.  This led to a command slot on a King Air then to a Captain on a corporate jet.  He ended up the youngest jet Captain in the company at the age of 26.  Then the rest is history for his progression into a major airline.

The moral of this is summarised in the list below.  It can be applied to whatever version of career stall that you have.

So who would like some ideas on what to do WHEN you reach a stall in your career?


7 ways to recover from your career stall…

  • Acknowledge your rough patch
  • Revisit your original goal – don’t change unless there is an overwhelming reason
  • Keep your confidence
  • Stay focussed – don’t get distracted by what others say or are achieving
  • Keep the big picture – you’re not the only one it has happened to (and you won’t be the last)
  • Put it down to a learning experience – in 10 years time it may just be your best moment!
  • Ask for advice from the right source – Our Pilot Advice Service or another respected expert

In summary:

The uncertainty you feel at any time is just making you ‘earn’ your wings.  Use your resources and never forget your end game.

PART 4: Questions for You.


      1. List the situations that potentially could be your career stall.
      2. Do you think you are resilient?  Either way, where do you get support?
      3. What are the 2 top things that you will remember from this eClass?
      4. In 10 years time, do the hiccups matter?



Next week’s preview…’Having your first scare…’

Find out how to keep perspective in your career through others experiences.

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