Elusive Airline Job – Why haven’t you got one?

Is that why you are here?


What is it that makes YOU stands out?

Why should an airline give you a job?

If you could get an unfair advantage, would you take it?

Keep reading if you have the guts. Otherwise hopefully we’ll see you in an airliner soon.

You found us so you obviously want more from your aviation career. Good. Stay focused.

If you want to model yourself on someone else’s outcome – hang out with them!

See what James thinks…

You want to MAKE sure there isn’t something else you should be know before you get started.

We’ve spent 25 years creating and living this career and life. You have control of your outcome. Your choice.

The pilot mindset. Good Reputation. Get it wrong and it could mean everything.

Have you thought about your interview and simulator ride?

What if we came with you and showed you some tricks?

We’ve got your back.

Yep and we don’t have to do this but we get a buzz helping other pilots reach their best. Joining us just ensures our commitment to you and shows us that you’re worth the effort.


Monthly Payment Option

We hate how embarrassed people feel when they fail the airline interview when we know we can help them. Let alone their confidence cops a battering. If only they’d come to us first…

We put ourselves on the line for you. So it’s not cheap but either is missing out on your one chance.

 A Cadet Program costs you an extra $60000 on top of your flying training.

This is the ONLY alternative to a Cadet Program – Strategic planning and tracking of your aviation career UNTIL you get an airline job.

It’s not for everyone so we won’t take you on if we think we can’t help you.

Ring us or we can ring you to discuss your suitability.

Our Office Number is: 61 3 9005 9667 (remember we are in Australia for time zone)

Or simply press the button below and enter your details but ONLY if your serious. This is only an expression of interest. Not an acceptance.

Are you asking yourself, ‘Can I afford this?’ or ‘Can I afford not to do this?’

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If you want in but feel you need a cheaper option then take some action for your aviation career and jump onto the Silver Button PPL/CPL program on previous page – that is the next best thing. You can talk to us on the included monthly webinars and access our Pilot Advice Service.

Industry knowledge is that you may only get one chance at an airline.

Invest in your outcome.

Find out about us – we would. Check us out below…

It’s Captain Craig Bake here and I am currently Boeing 737 Training Captains (I instruct new airline pilots) flying in domestic and international operations.


I seem to have developed an enviable reputation within the aviation industry and even appeared on a number of shows for the commercial networks, as you’ll see below.  As TV stars we make good pilots!


 Does everyone make it? Well, no…


While many pilots chasing their airline dreams stumble around in the dark for years, wondering how to “crack the code” to this industry – the smart ones are joining these two industry expert Training Captains and their unique program and turning it into a life-changing opportunity!




From the Flight Deck of: Captain Naomi Radke & Captain Craig Baker

Subject: An open invitation to all pilots especially PPL or CPL licence holders or currently training and want to MAKE sure you’re prepared.


Captain Craig Baker on the flight deck of their favourite aircraft, the Boeing 737 

“Dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation dreams


Is There Anything Better Than Flying?

“Landlubbers” would think of other ways to spend their days…Bike ride…Movies… Picnic….BORING!

Truth of the matter is, for people like us, the answer is “NO”…there is nothing better than flying.
Well, we CAN  think of one thing better…And that’s getting paid handsomely to do so!


Sadly, Many Good Pilots Never Make it…

But many who chase this dream wind up disappointed or embarrassed that they didn’t make it.

They get beaten by:


xblue2 Not knowing where to turn to for advice

xblue2 Listening to all the others – eek! 

xblue2 Uncertain of the RIGHT next move.

xblue2 Being utterly unprepared when they do catch a break and get a foot in the door.


All of which adds up to failure.

Look, we all have to put in the hours flying out of small airports, on small jobs…that’s part of the deal…but some of us want more…a commercial pilot’s career!

The reality is many good pilots who want this dream too fail for all the wrong reasons, winding up frustrated and bitter.

So if you’re still reading, then we’re starting to get interested in you…


Imagine for a moment – being part of the exclusive Career Accelerator Program…

Check2blue2One on One MENTORING – up to 1 hour per month for 12 months with Craig and Naomi or until you get your airline job

Check2blue2 A Pre Interview “SIMULATOR” assessment in a B737 generic flight simulator. That’s right we INCLUDE a practise simulator session, as part of your mentoring pack, either Craig or Naomi will assist in preparation for the interview. {At this stage we will only offer this service in Melbourne or Gold Coast, Australia}

Check2blue2 PILOT RECRUITMENT INSIDER INTERVIEW – Listen to a Management Captain who decides what they want (exclusive to us from our contacts)

Check2blue2 Prove yourself to us and then we can recommend you (Warning: We don’t mess around we are a tough audience.)

Check2blue2 RESUME TEMPLATE – we give you the one produced by the expert!

Check2blue2 RECRUITMENT ACCELERATOR COMPENDIUM – recruitment and selection data for major airlines

Check2blue2 BONUS 1 – DVD Insiders Guide to a Successful Airline Interview

Check2blue2 BONUS 2 – GOOD REPUTATION PACK – Pilot Mindset and Networking Secrets

Check2blue2 BONUS 3 – Pilot’s Success Mindset Toolbox DVD – very powerful

Check2blue2 Access to a monthly (Members Only) Webinar where you can find out answers AND ask more burning questions in addition to your one on one mentoring

Check2blue2 Having your career planned and mapped out for you…all you do is follow the steps

Check2blue2 Accessing the “insider” knowledge to give you the unfair advantage in the ‘real’ world of aviation.

Check2blue2 Learning from trusted industry experts along the way rather than stumbling around in the dark hoping to get it right

Check2blue2 So if you’ve ever dreamed of flying for a living, ever wanted to join the elite ranks of the aviation industry, if you want to rake in the “BIG BUCKS” flying for a living…you’re in the right place…


Hang out with the experts…
We love this industry and look forward to working with you and letting you know what we know.
This is what you’ve been looking for. No one else dares to be so bold.


You are also covered by our guarantee..

Our Powerful Pilots’ “All Weather 100% Success Guarantee”



So what would you pay to get the outcome you desire?
We’re not messing around with this. We have cut back on our own flying hours to do this for the right people only.

AUD$4997.00 (There is a Payment Plan but only approved on an individual basis.)

This is what it will cost you but the value to you is priceless. And of course safely through PayPal.

You get us – you get the outcome.

Pay Once, Cry Once but get your airline job – guaranteed.


Or Call our Office 613 9005 9667.
To your Flying Success!

Captain Craig Baker

Airline Pilot, Pilot Mentor and Pilot Safety Advocate