How to be the 1 in 10 potential pilots that actually get started…


Would you say ‘no’ even if your flying job depended on it? We had to…


Imagine the piece of mind learning from our scares AND successes.


So your thinking and dreaming about starting your Private Pilots Licence. Good. So why haven’t you.

But if you’re like us, you want to absorb everything there is before your launch. Ready, Aim, Fire, rather than the opposite.

You want to talk to someone finally with the answers.

You want to MAKE sure there isn’t something else you should be know before you get started.

This is a tailored program to show you the steps, tricks and secrets.

Check2blue2 You work through modules that we send each week called eClasses. Designed to take you from the beginning right into what you want to know about Becoming a Commercial Pilot and beyond.

Check2blue2 You sit at home and hang out with us on our monthly member webinars.

Check2blue2 Everyone loves our Pilot Advice Service – it’s like having your own coach right when you need them.

Check2blue2 If you want to model yourself on someone else’s outcome – hang out with them!


It’s like getting ‘aviation intelligence’.


Don’t worry! – we know that you are studying already so the weekly modules are easy on the eye and easy to absorb the knowledge.

We’ve spent 25 years creating and living this career and life. You have control of your outcome. Your choice.


The pilot mindset. Good Reputation. Get it wrong and it could mean everything.


What would you do if you failed a test or exam or have those secret moments of self doubt? Who would you turn to?


We’ve got your back.


Yep and I don’t have to do this but I just get a buzz out of helping other pilots reach their best.

Joining us just ensures our commitment to you and shows me that you’re worth the effort.

Industry knowledge is that you are most vulnerable in your first year out.


Invest in your outcome and MAKE sure


All YOU need to do is press the button below and enter your details.


Find out about me – I would. Check me out below…

It’s Captain Craig Baker here and I am currently Boeing 737 Training Captain (we instruct new airline pilots) flying in domestic and international operations.


I seem to have developed an enviable reputation within the aviation industry and even appeared on a number of shows for the commercial networks, as you’ll see below. As TV stars we make good pilots!


Does everyone make it? Well, no…

While many pilots chasing their airline dreams stumble around in the dark for years, wondering how to “crack the code” to this industry – the smart ones are joining these two industry expert Training Captains and their unique program and turning it into a life-changing opportunity!




From the Flight Deck of : Captain Craig Baker

Subject: An open invitation to all pilots especially PPL or CPL licence holders or currently training and want to MAKE sure you’re prepared.


 Captain Craig Baker on the flight deck of their favourite aircraft, the Boeing 737

“Dedicated to helping you achieve your aviation dreams




Is There Anything Better Than Flying?

“Landlubbers” would think of other ways to spend their days…Bike ride…Movies… Picnic….BORING!

Truth of the matter is, for people like us, the answer is “NO”…there is nothing better than flying.

Well, we CAN think of one thing better…And that’s getting paid handsomely to do so!


Sadly, Many Good Pilots Never Make it…

But many who chase this dream wind up disappointed or embarrassed that they didn’t make it.

They get beaten by:


xblue2 Not knowing where to turn to for advice

xblue2 Listening to all the others – eek!

xblue2 Uncertain of the RIGHT next move.

xblue2 Being utterly unprepared when they do catch a break and get a foot in the door.


All of which adds up to failure.

Look, I have to put in the hours flying out of small airports, on small jobs…that’s part of the deal…but some of us want more…a commercial pilot’s career!

The reality is many good pilots who want this dream too fail for all the wrong reasons, winding up frustrated and bitter.




There IS a Better Way

Having this Pilot Member Program gives you exclusive access. Imagine for a moment:


Check2blue2 Progressing your career and launching your flying career ‘street smart’

Check2blue2 Have weekly eClasses emailed to you with each step to follow

Check2blue2 Secrets and Tips in Audio, Visual, PDF and SpreadSheets

Check2blue2 Being privy to insider knowledge” that only successful commercial pilots possess because they managed to crack the code

Check2blue2 Our exclusive Pilot Advice Service – individual problem solving for your career – this is the place to turn when you are at a crossroads or need guidance.

Check2blue2 Having your career planned and mapped out for you…all you do is follow the steps

Check2blue2 Accessing the “insider” knowledge to ensure your ready in the ‘real’ world of aviation.

Check2blue2 Find out if this industry is for you through programmed classes – Simple and in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a

Check2blue2 Learning from trusted industry experts along the way rather than stumbling around in the dark hoping to get it right

Check2blue2 Access to a monthly (Members Only) Webinar where you can find out answers AND ask the burning questions

Check2blue2 Being able to have exclusive access to the Career Accelerator Program later which is definitely worth a look.


So if you’ve ever dreamed of flying for a living, ever wanted to join the elite ranks of the aviation industry, if you want to rake in the “BIG BUCKS” flying for a living…you’re in the right place…


To get the unfair advantage and FAST TRACK your flying career – be part of our unique club…



This program has been developed as a Simple and Convenient way to get you the knowledge to give you control of your future in the Aviation Industry.

Make yourself the expert in your decision to pursue a career in aviation. We love this industry and look forward to working with you and letting you know what we know.

You can also be part of it even if you aren’t ready to start straight away but want to be prepared for when you are.


Imagine the peace of mind getting the RIGHT information, RIGHT from the experts, RIGHT now, before spending thousands on the wrong stuff.

Each week you will receive weekly emails detailing your step by step checklist to work towards your goal.




You can work through now or use it like a library for each step of the way.

Below is a snapshot your first eClass – check it out and you have already got an edge!

We know the eClasses will generate questions so that’s why you also get access to our Monthly Webinar (Members Only).

It’s also great if you need to convince your parents or your partner that you are serious – they can learn with you.

Many potential pilots never launch because they hit a hurdle (sometimes this is a loved one!) – don’t let this be you.


The best bit is it’s Simple, Convenient and Affordable.

This is what you’ve been looking for!




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arrow OPT-OUT AT ANYTIME – simply follow the instructions and you get to keep the knowledge


It gives us a buzz to see pilots make it.

To your Flying Success!

Captain Craig Baker

Airline Pilot, Pilot Mentor and Pilot Safety Advocate